Wooden ring FAQ

Why Wear a Wood Wedding Band?
  Since Wood Wedding Bands have become more available over the last years, they have been enthusiastically worn by men and women around the world.  A lot of times a metal ring just doesn't make enough of a statement.  When I created this company, I wanted a ring that would take me back to the place I love, and that was always deep into the Canadian woods.  Metal rings just felt cold and void of all meaning to me.
Can I wear a Wooden Wedding Band everyday?
  Short answer, Yes!   Wood Wedding Bands have become a popular ring to wear over the last few years as wood stabilizing and finishing products have advanced.  The method used to create our rings is called the "Bentwood" method.  This involves wrapping a wood veneer around the ring mandrel and glueing it in place, making the ring almost a composite material.  The most complicated process is applying the clearcoat to the ring.  The clearcoat allows our rings to be waterproof, resizeable and refinishable!  
When should I not wear my Wood Wedding Band?
Our Wedding Bands withstand most of life, but as goes for even gold rings, we recommend removing your ring during working out, or any hard labour.  Any sort of heavy lifting seems to increase the chances of any scuffs or chips in the finish.
Can your rings be resized?
They sure can!  We can resize up or down half a step.  Any more than that, and we have to remake the ring unfortunately.  At that, we charge 50% of the ring cost, and you get to keep your original ring as well!